Thursday, 20 April 2017

Foundry Miniatures Kradshutzen

I recently picked up the Foundry Miniatures German Motorcycle troops, AKA Kradshutzen from Foundry Miniatures.  You can find their range of excellent 28mm Miniatures here.

These miniatures are sculpted by Alan and Michael Perry and put simply are brilliant.  They scale very well with Warlord's range and you can find a comparison on Silver Whistle's blog here.

I picked up the majority of their Blitzkrieg era Germans and... well... I want more they are that good!

The motorcycle troops are extremely easy to put together.  The motorcycle itself comes in 3 parts.  A small base, the bike and handle bars with hands sculpted onto it.  They are easy to assemble and much easier than Artizan Miniatures Fallshirmjager Motorcycle with sidecar.  The Foundry sidecar was very easy to assemble.  The Foundry Sidecar does not come with a MG34 however it would be easy to add one on with some plastics etc.

On the table these will complement any Blitzkrieg German Army well.  Its a shame that we will not see them as much in Bolt Action Version 2 however Historical Accuracy or theme should always be chosen over gaminess.  These will also be used for Battlegroup Blitzkrieg.

Painted up they simply look great.  I will definitely have to get more of these guys.

28mm German Kradshutzen Motorcycle Troops Foundry Miniatures
28mm Foundry Miniatures German Motorcycles

28mm Kradshutzen
Sidecar Comes as a separate pack

28mm German Motorcycle
WW2G014 From Foundry Miniatures - Not bad for £12.00

28mm German Sidecar
WW2G010 - Easy to assemble

Kradshutzen Recon Patrol
Kradshutzen Reconnaissance Patrol pass through the Polish Countryside 

Kradshutzen Reconnaissance Patrol

It's coming...

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